Best of 2016 Playlist

October 31, 2015

Top 10 Overrated Bands

!READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!, we're about to piss a lot of people off. There are millions of bands in the world, but very few able to achieve mainstream success. Some have cult followings, others have localized fame. Then some become worldwide phenomena. And there are a good number whose fame and recognition aren't earned through hard work. These are our picks for the most overrated bands.

We're sticking to bands who are active today, so no hiatus bands. We're excluding "pop stars" (i.e One Direction, Taylor Swift, etc) as that's another list entirely. If you think we forgot a band, comment and let us know. We're sorry if we make anyone butthurt. Top 10s tend to do that to people. Click our Top 10 / Quicks Page to read more lists like this one. 

A Skylit Drive - "ASD" Review

The often overlooked group from Lodi, California, A Skylit Drive, have released their 5th album. Touring stints with bands like Sleeping with Sirens, Memphis May Fire, and multiple trips on Warped Tour have given them a respectable fanbase. But they've never been able to achieve the success of their peers. Their latest album, "ASD" (a self titled album), comes after yet another lineup change. So how does the album shape up? Click this (link) to buy the album on iTunes. 

October 30, 2015

Speed Reads - Seaway, 5 Seconds of Summer, and SayWeCanFly

Speed Reads is back with another set of quick reviews! We've got pop punk albums from Seaway and 5 Seconds of Summer (don't try to deny it, they are a pop punk band), plus the latest EP from SayWeCanFly. If you have a suggestion for a future Speed Read entry, please let us know. To read our previous "Speed Read" post, click this (link). And to buy each respective album please click the links below! 

Tonight Alive - "Human Interaction" Single Review

Fans of Tonight Alive have been patiently waiting for the 1st single of their highly anticipated 3rd album. Well it's finally here! "Human Interaction" was released on the band's Vevo account on Oct 30, and that's not the only good news for fans. The band also announced a headlining world tour with Set It Off in early 2015 to support their new album titled "Limitless", and gave a March 4, 2016 release date. Click this (link) to preorder the album on iTunes. 

October 25, 2015

The 1975 - "Love Me" Single Review

Our favorite English indie boys have returned with the first single off their highly anticipated sophomore album, "I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It" (oh god that's a mouthful). They seemed to become an overnight sensation with "Chocolate", and later "Sex" and "Girls". The lead single for their 2nd album, "Love Me", made its debut on BBC radio with Annie Mac. Sorry this review took so long, but better late than never. Click this (link) to buy the song on iTunes, and don't forget to preorder their album. 

Panic! at the Disco - "Emperor's New Clothes" Single Review

Hot damn they've done it again! Panic! at the Disco is back with the next single of their album, "Death of a Bachelor", which now has a January 15, 2015 release date. If you haven't already seen the music video, we recommend you stop whatever it is you're doing (reading this post no doubt) and go give them a listen/look. The band have finally found a common ground in their sound, and it's the best thing since their debut album. Click this (link) to pre-order the album on iTunes. 

October 24, 2015

ICE NINE KILLS - "Communion of the Cursed" Single Review

Halloween is a week away, and ICE NINE KILLS have delivered the best treat in the form of their new single "Communion of the Cursed". Accompanied by a music video that pays homage to one of the best horror movies ever, the song's already creepy atmosphere is enhanced ten fold. It's sure to give your spine a few chills. Don't forget to pre-order their upcoming album "Every Trick in the Book", and go get previous single "Bloodbath & Beyond" by clicking this (link). 

October 20, 2015

Best of the Artist - Pierce the Veil

With their highly anticipated 4th album just around the corner, we thought it would be appropriate to countdown Pierce the Veil’s best songs. Keep in mind, everyone has their own opinion. If you think we missed a song, please comment below. If we make anyone butthurt, we’re sorry. To see some other Top 10s, go to out Top 10/Quick Picks page. 

October 19, 2015

Featured Post - New Years Day

Though the picture featured above would say otherwise, this band is the love child of My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and Tim Burton. Since it's October, and Halloween is approaching we HAD to feature New Years Day as our band of the month. They're all but Halloween personified. Along with fellow goth rockers Motionless in White and Get Scared, they always bring a certain level of horror to their music and live shows. But they have frontwoman Ashley "Ash" Costello, and that gives them a little something extra.

Read our review of their latest album, "Malevolence". Or check out our reviews of singles "Kill or Be Killed", "Relentless", and "Left Inside"

October 16, 2015

SECRETS - "Left Behind" Single Review

SECRETS lost original frontman Xander Bourgeois in 2013, and this October they announced that Aaron Melzer would be exiting the band after a 2 year stint. To the surprise of fans, SECRETS also announced that they had finished their 3rd album, but it was recorded with new frontman Wade Walters (I almost shit my pants because I thought his name was Wade Wilson and that would have been too much for me to handle). 

Set for a December 11 release date, we eagerly await the new album from this band. Though they have gone through many lineup changes, SECRETS have gotten better with time ("Fragile Figures" being on of the best modern post hardcore albums we've had the pleasure of listening to) To preorder their album on iTunes click this (link).

October 10, 2015

Best of the Artist - Green Day

They're responsible for the 90s sudden interest in punk rock, and (along with blink-182) for the wave of pop punk bands that would come in the 00s. Hard to believe "Insomniac" is 20 years old isn't it? So in honor the the album's 20th birthday, we've made Green Day our next entry in our "Best of the Artist" series. We've tried to keep everything short and sweet, much like their songs, but more so we don't end up with a long ass post. To see other lists in this series go to our Top 10/Quick Picks page.

Speed Reads - Mayday Parade, blessthefall and Parkway Drive

The first in a new series of quick reviews. This inaugural post features reviews of the latest albums from Mayday Parade, blessthefall, and Parkway Drive. To buy their respective albums on iTunes please click the links below. If you enjoyed this post, let us know and we'll do more quick reviews like this! We plan on writing more in depth reviews of the albums sometime in the future, but for now we're content with these.

October 7, 2015

Hands Like Houses - "New Romantics" Single Review

After premiering the song while on Warped Tour 2015, Hands Like Houses have finally released the second single from their upcoming album, "Dissonants". Though the band hasn't revealed the album's release date, it will be released sometime in 2015. So we have roughly about 3 months left in the year, which means the album is coming very, very soon! You can click this (link) to buy this song on iTunes. And don't forget to catch them on tour later this month with I the Mighty, Lower Than Atlantis and more!

October 4, 2015

Get Scared - "Suffer" Single Review

"31 Days of Get Scared" entered Day 2 on this past Friday, and with it came the next single off the band's upcoming 3rd album,"Demons". Continuing their descent into the dark recesses that most of us avoid, "Suffer"  The band will be on the Other Side Tour later this month, so definitely check them out! You won't be disappointed. Click this (link) to buy the album on iTunes. 

October 2, 2015

New Years Day - "Malevolence" Review

After months of patient waiting, it's finally here! New Years Day's much anticipated 3rd album, "Malevolence". After releasing a string of singles this summer, October brings us the full length effort from our gothic rock band. To read our reviews of songs "Kill or Be Killed", "Relentless" and "Left Inside" click the links. And you can click this (link) to buy the album on iTunes.