Best of 2016 Playlist

July 22, 2016

Too Close To Touch - "What I Wish I Could Forget" Single Review

Currently taking the U.S by storm on Warped Tour, Too Close To Touch announced their sophomore album, "Haven't Been Myself" this past Monday. Along with it they debuted the music video for the record's lead single, "What I Wish I Could Forget".

To preorder the album on iTunes click the following (link), and be sure to catch the band on Warped Tour this summer!

July 20, 2016

Featured Band - blink-182

Seemed stupid not to have these guys for July's Featured Band. They've OWNED this month for 20+ years. blink-182 just released their 7th studio album, their first since the departure of Tom Delonge and the entrance of Matt Skiba. 

To buy "California" on iTunes click the following (link). And if you're a self respecting pop punk fan, you won't want to miss out on blink-182, A Day to Remember and All Time Low on tour together this summer. 

July 8, 2016

Set It Off - "Something New" Single Review

The weird music video aside, the band have delivered another catchy track for the summer crowds. Set It Off flew under the radar for so long, but now they've broken out with their brand of theatrical pop punk/pop rock. After releasing single "Uncontainable" back in March, they've returned with second single off their upcoming 3rd album, "Upside Down". 

To preorder the band's album on iTunes, click this (link). And be sure to catch them on Warped Tour this summer. 

July 4, 2016

Sum 41 - "Fake My Own Death" Single Review

Sum 41 are back! They'll be busy this summer on Warped Tour 2016. And then this fall their comeback album, "13 Voices" drops! Lead single, "Fake My Own Death" is a throwback to the band's 2002-2004 sound. Intense, angry punk rock. 

To preoder the album click this (link). And of course, you should check the band out on Warped Tour this summer. 

July 3, 2016

blink-182 - "California" Review

After 5 long years, and a bitter split with Tom Delonge, blink-182's new album is finally here! Break out the board shorts, wife beaters and pepperoni pizza, it's time to relive some middle school memories. 

Click the (link) to buy the album on iTunes. And click any of the links below to read our reviews of singles, "Bored to Death", "Rabbit Hole", and "No Future".

July 1, 2016

letlive - "If I'm the Devil..." Review

It's been almost a month since letlive's latest album was released. Why didn't we bother to post the review sooner? Would it be ridiculous to say we were too busy enjoying the album? Because we were. It's bound to be on "Best of 2016" lists come December. 

To buy the album on iTunes please click the following (link). And click either of these links to read our reviews of singles, "Good Mourning America" or "Reluctantly Dead"

Of Mice and Men - "Pain" Single Review

A song whose title says it all. Of Mice and Men have been hard at work with this album for some time now. Following frontman Austin Carlile's heart surgery, they've been in the studio crafting their upcoming 4th album, "Cold World". The new release is set for a September 9, 2016 release date. In the meantime, the band have gifted fans with the lead single, "Pain". 

To buy this single and preorder the album on iTunes, click this (link). And be sure to catch the band on tour with Slipknot and Marilyn Manson this summer, and in the UK this September.