Best of 2016 Playlist

August 30, 2016

Sum 41 - "War" Single Review

The hype just keeps growing as we get closer and closer to the release date of Sum 41's comeback album. The band already proved they can hold their own against contemporary bands, now let's see if they can hold our attention with their newest single, "War". 

To preorder the album, and instantly get singles, "Fake My Own Death" and "War" click the following (link). 

August 29, 2016

The Color Morale - "Desolate Divine" Review

The Color Morale's newest album is here! After a slew of singles, the complete album was released August 19th. After another successful stint on Warped Tour this summer, things couldn't look better for the band. The question remains: have the band grown in the two years since their last album? Or was "Know Hope" their peak point?

Click this (link) to buy the album on iTunes. And don't forget to catch the band this fall with Our Last Night, Hands Like Houses and Out Came the Wolves on the "Face to Face Tour". Click this (link) to see the tour dates and buy tickets. 

Too Close To Touch - "Crooked Smile" Single Review

A song that only adds more reason to love this band. Too Close To Touch are a rising power in alt. rock, and rightly so. The second single off the band's highly anticipated second album, "Haven't Been Myself", proves the band didn't just luck out with their debut last March. 

To buy the album and get this track, as well as first single "What I Wish I Could Forget" on iTunes please click this (link). 

Memphis May Fire - "Carry On" Single Review

Memphis May Fire have spent the past year working on their 5th album. The first single, "Carry On", follows the standard set by last year's "My Generation" and "Stay the Course". The band are maturing into a class act, and we look forward to hearing the full album. "This Light I Hold" is set to be released October 28. 

To preoder the album on iTunes click this (link).

August 24, 2016

You Me at Six - "Night People" Single Review

Oh ya you heard right, You Me at Six are back! Their new album is coming for you this January, and the first single is out of this world. The title track off their 5th studio album, "Night People", was released almost 3 years after previous record "Cavalier Youth". Needless to say, it pretty much blows everything else YMAS has done out of the water. 

To preorder the album, and get this single on iTunes please click the following (link). 

August 22, 2016

Anarbor - "Self Titled" Review

The band have always flown under the radar. And in 2015 it seemed they were at the edge of a breakup. But they surprised everyone by announcing earlier this year that they'd be releasing a new record. Their follow up to 2013's "Burnout", Anarbor's self titled 3rd effort pulls everything right about the band into one near perfect album. 

*Sorry this one took so long to post. We got caught up in the summer rush

To buy the album on iTunes click the following (link).

August 20, 2016

Featured Band - The Amity Affliction

One of Australia's best post hardcore/metalcore acts, The Amity Affliction have garnered a large worldwide fanbase. From the UK to the US, Canada and Europe, this is one band almost universally liked. Not just for their uplifting music but because the guys are very down-to-earth and genuine.

Click this (link) to buy their 5th album, "This Could Be Heartbreak" on iTunes. And click the following (link) to read our review!

Green Day - "Bang Bang" Single Review

Wait, Green Day's releasing a new album this year too? Wow, talk about the year of pop punk comebacks. Green Day's 12th, yes 12th can you believe it, is set for an October 7 release date. The album's first single, "Bang Bang" was released August 11 

To preorder their upcoming album, "Revolution Radio" and instantly get this single on iTunes click the following (link).

August 15, 2016

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - "Blame It On The Song" Single Review

Summer may be coming to a close, but Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have delivered one last summer song. Appropriately titled "Blame It On The Song", and released at the end of their stint on Warped 2016, it's a perfect end of summer song, pop punk with a modern twist. 

To buy the song on iTunes click the following (link)

The Amity Affliction - "This Could Be Heartbreak" Review

The Amity Affliction delivers an extremely experimental album, that is sure to divide fans on the new sound. Not ones to completely desert old fans, they don't shut themselves to a new audience either. TAA offer something new that will go down as one of the most memorable releases of the year. For better or worse, that's up to the listener. 

To buy their album on iTunes click the following (link).